How Do You Slide Cancel in Warzone?

Slide canceling in a Warzone is a more complicated movement method. Normally, your character will come to a stop after doing a slide and stay in the crouching posture.

By rising back up and beginning a sprint in one motion, slide canceling enables you to retain maximum movement speed while navigating across the map.

Use the following info to start to take your Warzone performance more seriously by learning how to slide cancel on either PC and console.

How to Slide Cancel on PC

On a PC, you’ll need to perform some rebinding before you can use the sliding cancel feature. To alter stance / slide, go to the keybind option in the settings and adjust the Left CTRL key. This is configured to crouch / slide by default, which causes you to leap at the conclusion of the slide, which is something we don’t want.

After that, you may rapidly slide cancel by typing the following commands:

  1. Activate Tactical Sprint by tapping Left Shift twice
  2. To slide, hold down the left CTRL key
  3. To crouch, press and hold the left CTRL key
  4. To get into a standing position, press the Space Bar

How to Slide Cancel on Console

To cancel a slide on a console, use the following instructions in rapid succession:

  1. Double tap the left stick to tactical sprint
  2. Hold circle / B to start sliding
  3. Tap circle / B to crouch
  4. Press X / A to stand up
Then, to keep the slide cancel loop going, repeat the operation over and again. It takes some time to develop muscle memory, but once you do, it will come naturally.

Video: How to Slide Cancel on Playtation & Xbox Consoles

Frequently Asked Slide Canceling Questions

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When should you slide cancel in Warzone?

In the event that you are unable to locate a vehicle to return to the safe zone, sliding canceling may enable you to return just in time, however running at regular speed may return you to the main lobby. If your squadmates haven’t heard of slide canceling, you may utilize it to lead the way and perhaps locate a vehicle to pick them up in. Because Warzone is a game of milliseconds, the enhanced movement speed may be the difference-maker in a variety of in-game circumstances. When combating opponents in intricate buildings, slide canceling is also useful. Because you may use it to wrap behind foes while they’re following you, the technique comes in useful when pulling off moves. When you take them down from behind, players who aren’t experienced with the technique won’t know what hit them. When you have an SMG in your loadout, this mobility strategy should provide you the greatest results in close-quarter combat scenarios.

Does slide canceling make you move faster?

Slide canceling will be familiar to anybody who has played Modern Warfare, and it’s still a very helpful tactic in Warzone. It allows you to link Tactical Sprints together to travel considerably quicker than normal.

How do you slide cancel without jumping?

To cancel a slide, double tap [LEFT SHIFT] to tactical sprint, hold [LEFT CTRL] to slide, tap [LEFT CTRL] to crouch, then press [SPACE BAR] to return to a stationary position, then double touch [LS] to tactical sprint again – repeat the procedure.

Can you slide cancel with auto TAC Sprint?

Before attempting to slide cancel, you may adjust several movement parameters in Warzone. To get the greatest results, change Slide Behavior to Tap and Automatic Sprint to Automatic Tactical Sprint.

How do you slide cancel around corners?

The following are the steps to take: To enter Tactical Sprint, double-tap the left analogue stick. To begin sliding, press the crouch button (by default, Circle or B). To cancel the slide motion, hit the crouch button again as soon as it starts.