Game Makers of the Future Will Be Inspired by These Latino Gamers

Latino game designers have had to overcome obstacles such as a lack of opportunities and mentors, but they are now utilizing their knowledge to aid others.

Meet Fernando Reyes Medina

Fernando Reyes Medina played video games ‘every step of the way.’ while growing up in Mexico City.

When Medina was a teenager, he and his pals would rent an Xbox from internet cafés for 50 cents an hour in order to play Halo 2 split-screen. Medina is now a distinguished game designer at 343 Industries, the Microsoft firm that makes the Halo games. He was able to see how gaming might be used to bring individuals from all over the globe together after signing up for Xbox Live, Microsoft’s online multiplayer gaming program. His love of Halo and video games evolved into a professional goal as a consequence.

But with few prominent Latino gaming role models to look up to and few gaming-related pipelines in Mexico, Medina’s ambition of working for the Halo series seemed to be slipping farther and further away.

He said to NBC News, ‘I didn’t realize how arduous the route was going to be. I was simply like, ‘I just don’t see myself doing anything else; this is what I want to do.’

One of two Latino gaming trailblazers recently interviewed by NBC News, Medina is using his expertise to assist expand the presence of Latinos in the worldwide gaming business by offering mentoring opportunities, access to resources, events, and a single center for Latino gamers.